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Hotel in Gütersloh from 123€/night + Breakfast - Centro Hotel Stadt Gütersloh

Discover Gütersloh with Centro Hotels from 123€/night at Centro Hotel Stadt G

Hotel in Cologne from 42€/night - Centro Hotels

Discover Cologne with Centro Hotels from 42€/night. Voorwaarden Offer valid un

Hotels in Hamburg from 41€/night - Centro Hotels

Discover Hamburg with Centro Hotels from 41€/night. Voorwaarden Offer valid un

Hotel in Munich from 59€/night - Centro Hotel

Let yourself be entranced by the fascination of Munich, Bavaria’s capital

Hotel in Berlin from 39€/night - Centro Hotels

Let yourself be entranced by the fascination of Berlin, Germany’s capital

Weekend Saver Package, from 78€/person + Early check-in + Breakfast - Centro Hotels, Germany

Book Centro Hotels’ weekend package and explore the best cities in Germany

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